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経営コンシェルジュスポット契約 - Temp Contract


ICT機器の設計設置、ICT機器のメンテナンス体制の構築管理、ICT機器に関する専門家の手配 経営相談、人材開発配置相談、海外進出相談、経営拡大縮小相談、新商品開発相談、士業等専門家手配、経営課題分析、SWOT分析、ヒト・モノ・カネ・情報の有効な集め方と使い方相談 産業心理学に基づく相談、従業員のモチベーションに関する相談、発想の多様化の相談、その他心理学的相談 そして、賢いとんちとこれらの創造的組み合わせによる解決 Deploy Design and Installment of ICT Equipment, Architects and Management of the Maintenance System of ICT Facilities, Arrangement of ICT facility specialists Management Consultation, Human Resource Development and Deployment Consultation, Oversea Heading Consultation, Business Expansion and Shrink Consultation, New Product Development Consultation, Specialist Arrangement, Business Management Issue Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Consultation for Powerful Gathering and Deploying of Human, Material, Finance, and Information Resources Consulting based on Industrial Psychology, Consultation of Motivation Control of Employees, Consultation of Multi Diversification of Creative Ideas, other Psychological Consultation And Solutions by Quick, Reliable Source of Wealthy Ides and Creative Mixture of These


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