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ご相談の流れ / 料金

ご相談の流れ / 料金

電話、電子メールから相談内容の 簡単な説明と初回面談日時のご希望をご連絡下さい。








契約有の場合は契約料金のお支払いと契約締結。 その後、電子メール、電話、Zoom、面談による調査検討事項の結果報告とさらなる相談受付

契約無の場合はスポット面談料金を頂いた後、 再度直接面談




0. 初回面談の方はタイムチャージ ¥5,000-(消費税別)/ 30分:2時間まで

1. 顧問契約未契約のお客様へのタイムチャージ ¥50,000-以上(消費税別)/ 30分

2-1.  顧問契約を契約済みのお客様への月額基本費用  ¥50,000-(消費税別)

2-2. 顧問契約を契約済のお客様へのタイムチャージ  ¥15,000-以上(消費税別)/ 10分



なおタイムチャージは、顧客会社様の経営・企画・運営等について調査、検討、戦略立案、相談、助言、 提案、指導、指揮、実働、手配、紹介等、およびこれらの組み合わせとこれらに付随する業務(準備を含む)を、情報通信技術、経営学、および心理学等に基づいて行うサービス提供にかかる時間に基づいてご請求させていただきます。




Consulting flow/Fees

Contact us through telephone or email, providing a brief description of your issues and your desired date and time for our first meeting.

We will arrange the date, time, and location of the first meeting and describe our fees.

If you find the terms acceptable and desire to have our first meeting, we will set up the date, the time, and the location( in principle at the clients' office).

Please pay the fee for the first meeting when we meet.

Direct meeting (where feasible, solutions will be provided in the meeting)

Confirming matters for research and study before the next meeting

Confirming whether or not you would desire to conclude a consulting council contract

Whether or not to conclude a consulting council contract

If concluding a contract, we will ask you to pay the contract fee and make the contract. Later, results of research and study will be reported and further consultation requests received by email, telephone, Zoom, or meeting in person.

If concluding without a contract, we will ask you to pay the spot fee and, then meet with you in another direct meeting

Later services will include consultation, research, study, practical work, and arrangements to deliver solutions to your company’s challenges.


Consulting fees

0. Time-based charge for initial customers: ¥5,000- (plus consumption tax)/ 30minutes: upto 2 hours only 

1. Time-based charge for customers not concluding consulting contracts with us: ¥50,000- and up (plus consumption tax)/ 30 minutes

2-1.  Monthly base charge for customers concluding consulting contracts with us:  ¥50,000- (plus consumption tax)

2-2. Time-based charge for customers concluding consulting contracts with us: ¥15,000- and up (plus consumption tax)/ 10 minutes

We will bill you for the actual amount of travel, accommodations, and meeting place expenses.

Time-based charges are billed for time spent on research, study, strategizing, consultation, advising, proposal, guidance, instruction, practical work, making arrangements, and introductions, and other tasks for your company, as well as combinations of these and related tasks, in providing services based on ICT, management, psychology, and other areas of expertise.

We could reply by email, telephone, or Zoom to customers who have concluded consulting contracts with us. Please conclude a consulting contract if you are willing to have consultation and other services through these media of communication.

Note that requests from customers who have concluded consulting contracts will be responded to with priority over those from customers who have not, even if a request from a customer who has not concluded a consulting contract was received earlier.

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